Oligo Professional is a Quebec brand founded nearly 30 years ago. The vision for Oligo Professionnel was—and remains—the crafting of healthier and safer salon exclusive products made possible by the Cohen family’s expertise, which we continue to develop with patience and care. The complex and highly sophisticated technologies used in the manufacturing of Oligo Professional line, have been tested and re-tested, delivering the kind of performance, reliability, consistency and excellence that only true dedication can offer.

Calura care & styling

Calura is a line of vegan products that are  paraben-free,  gluten-free,  sulphate-free, and artificial-free coloring products that protect the color. All products are anti-frizz and made of natural ingredients. This line centers on hydration, nutrition and adapts to all hair types.


Blacklight care

Blacklight care products will help you keep a perfect blonde, especially with the shampoo and ultra-concentrated blue conditioner. The mask, the beautifying care and the drops of brilliances will give a shine to your hair while repairing them and offering them 18 benefits.


Blacklight discolors

Blacklight is the discoloring solution allowing you to navigate the full palette of blondes. A shiny blonde, silky hair, hydrated and resplendent health, that’s what Blacklight technology offers.


Quadraplex was created to offer your hair the following 4 essential benefits: it strengthens, protects, detoxifies and repairs. Quadraplex will not only prevent breakage and damage to hair, but will also ensure a healthy, stronger and brighte hair.

Blacklight Powershades

Blacklight PowerShades, the power to brighten the color with color. This range offers 4 shades that will give an incredible shine and a considerable contrast on the colored hair of levels 3 to 7. This allows you to make color effects and highlights.


Oligo Professionnel’s waves and texturizers are enriched with Alpha Hydroxide Acid (AHA) and Propolis extract. AHA is an acid which conditions during the process ensuring damage free results. Propolis is composed of vitamin P and pollen which helps preserve the integrity of the hair shaft.

Calura Coloring

Permanent Shine Hair Colour.  The CALURA system is formulated with an innovative exothermic technology that was designed to maximize dye penetration and minimize hair damage. Each shade was formulated to generate a specific increase in temperature to achieve desired results. As a bonus, this heat allows a thorough penetration of the certified organic essences and keratin.

KOKO Coloring

A simple coloring system that provides healthy radiant hair. KOKO offers a permanent and semi permanent color without ammoniac. This coloring allows a perfect coverage of white hair, a brightening up to 5 levels and a uniform and brilliant color.

RioRio Coloring

A semi-permanent color where each shade is pigmented to the extreme to allow you to achieve incredibly sharp results. RioRio provides ultimate revitalization for the silkiest hair.