We have competent designers and above all passionate about their profession who will know how to transmit their knowledge, passion and experience. We want to offer you training and events with the best stylists so that you are satisfied. Find out who our designers are, as well as the training they give and the events they will be attending.

Marc-André Poulin

After more than 10 years in the field and more than 5 years on the biggest stages of Quebec, this artist and trainer will know how to pass on his passion to you through his training adapted to all. Inspired by global trends, Marc-André aims to facilitate learning for all, stimulate your creativity and meet your need for novelty. Let yourself be inspired by this artist and his formations always full of humor. Fall in love again with your profession.

Courses offered by Marc-Andre:
Tendance Evolution

Guy Trudel

Guy Trudel is an artist with a soul in the hairdressing industry for 20 years. Love, passion and respect; Three words that define him well. Love of the profession and of its component, passion for imagination and creativity and respect for all the artisans of this industry. He keeps learning and sharing his passion and know-how.
For him, pleasure and presence on a stage go hand in hand. He has as much fun as you will enjoy watching him.

Mélissa Duguay

Award-winning hairdresser-stylist Mélissa Duguay has established herself as a creative professional with an innate ability to showcase the beauty of each individual. Her style encompasses sober simplicity as much as unexpected shades of color, and she demonstrates exquisite precision and impeccable technique at all times. Her passion, dedication and innovative creations have earned her a thriving and dynamic career as well as a place in the Joico artistic team. A gifted artist and colorist and a warm and attentive personality, Mélissa embodies the true spirit of Joico art. Winner of 3 mirror awards and the prestigious Contessa, come and experience a hair cut training with the talented Mélissa Duguay.

talented Mélissa Duguay.

Staëlle Coulombe

Spécialisée en colorations créatives depuis ses débuts, Staëlle s’est fait connaître par sa popularité sur les réseaux sociaux. Sa personnalité pétillante fait en sorte que chacune de ses créations met du soleil dans la vie de ses clientes et de ses fans. C’est en alliant expertise technique et créativité qu’elle repousse les limites de l’imagination. Lorsqu’elle donne des formations, sa capacité de vulgariser lui permet de bien communiquer son excellente maitrise des techniques de coloration, tout en partageant sa passion contagieuse pour son art. Les gens la remarquent surtout par sa capacité d’innover et de «penser en dehors de la boîte». Alimentée par les tendances actuelles, elle se sert de sa créativité pour créer des looks uniques et mémorables et donc d’inspirer les stylistes de toute la province. Elle ne se contente pas de suivre les tendances; elle les fait évoluer.

Cynthia Couture

Cynthia Couture, artiste peintre à ses heures, est dans le domaine de la coiffure depuis maintenant 10 ans. Elle aime la symbiose des couleurs et elle aime recréer cet effet sur les cheveux de ses clientes. Étant quelqu’un de très artistique, Cynthia est passionnée par la coloration, elle aime jouer avec les nuances et les effets de lumière pour illuminer les cheveux de ces clientes et donner un effet «puncher». Elle se spécialise en coloration vive et flash pour Joico depuis 2 ans, et ce, avec beaucoup de passion. Elle ne demande qu’à apprendre et à partager ces connaissances avec le public. Cynthia voit la vie en couleur et elle aime donner une petite touche de «funky» sans tomber dans l’excès. Un moment passé avec Cynthia rime avec Humour et Énergie positive sans oublier son côté éclectique qui la fait sortir du lot. Venez voir la vie en couleur avec Cynthia Couture!

Misael Aponte

Misael Aponte is a color specialist, recognized worldwide for his incredible presentations and energy on stage. Misael Aponte offers an innovative approach in color placement and combination of formulas. He has created a unique advanced education program of hair coloring featuring his unique methodology, Veils Curtains & Drapes. International Director of coloring at Oligo Professionnel, Misael has developed an incomparable international reputation for his mastery of color and masterful metamorphoses. With his infectious enthusiasm and innovative visual tools, he shares his new creative vision, The Art of Color and Movement, with colorists of all levels.
Impossible to get bored in a class with Misael!

Geneviève Grenier

An experienced entrepreneur, Geneviève has been the owner of two companies for several years: Azur Salon and Spa and Geneviève Grenier Stylist Trainer. Communicator born she knows how to share her art on stage as well as on television where she is an assiduous collaborator. Geneviève is particularly passionate about femininity, whether it is in terms of fashion, new cutting and color trends and hair care. She wishes to perform the new products while respecting the health of the hair. Authentic and dynamic, known for her passion to sharing her knowledge, let Geneviève transport you into her world.

Jerry Chang

Jerry Chang is an innovative and impressive hairstylist. He combines precision cutting techniques with his passion for lifelong learning. His complete career begins after a classical / contemporary and advanced training in cutting techniques. His dedication and interest in lifelong learning places Jerry in a perfect position to share his knowledge through advanced theories and innovative cutting techniques.

Julie Boucher

Julie Boucher, entrepreneure débordante d’énergie est coiffeuse et propriétaire du Salon Haute tendance. La coiffure haute c’est sa passion. Pour elle, cela représente de l’art, de la créativité et un beau défi. Elle transmet sa passion aux coiffeurs en offrant des cours, des démonstrations et des formations spécialisées en coiffure haute.

Voici les cours offerts par Julie :
Pop urbaine – Coiffure haute