Macadamia Natural Oil was founded in 2009 in the form of a collection of revitalizing hair care products that use the power of nourishing properties of Macadamia oil to transform damaged and dull (or bland) hair. The brand has grown to become a world leader in the professional hair care industry, distributing its products to beauty salons in more than 80 countries. It offers hair care, treatments and styling products worthy of hairdressing salons that provide a unique level of hydration and a fit that meets the needs of each woman.

Nourishing moisture

These products have been designed to meet the unique hydration needs of normal to thick hair. The Nourishing Moisture collection has been specially created for normal to dry hair requiring hydration.


Weightless moisture

These products are specially designed for thin, soft and non-vigorous hair styles that need body and volume.


Ultra rich moisture

These products are specially designed for thick, very curly, damaged or very dry hair styles that require frizz control and maintenance as well as restorative care.


Styling products

Macadamia Professional offers a range of 14 styling products enriched with macadamia oil for all hair textures. Each styling product offers a unique degree of hold and a specific styling effect while providing the repairing effects of our PRO OIL COMPLEX.

Endless summer

Endless summer was created to nourish and fortify the hair and to help fight the difficult elements of  summer. The products help fight frizz and moisture. In addition, they eliminate salt, chlorine and the accumulation of products.