KeraSpa is oriented to the professional beauty industry whom clients require the ultimate in cosmetics. KeraSpa introduces innovative high quality products, with natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on hair but that they also deliver results. They believe in the integrity of the ingredients. Hair care and innovation are their passions.

Kera Intense

Keraspa INTENSE is a professional natural keratin smoothing system. Our new Matrix plus complex, adds 25% of amino acids to the formula that promotes smoother results, better elimination of frizz, curls and volume. This formula is effective and versatile; it has the perfect balance between protein and moisture. One formula for all hair types.




Kera Kontrol

Kera Kontrol Total is a new generation smoothing system that controls the curls and frizz of your hair by using lupine protein that stimulates the natural keratin of the hair. This technology uses amino acids and protein synergy that are bio compatibles with the hair fiber. thereby improving the hair’s moisture, elasticity, and strength for great softness and shine.



Instant Hair Therapy Treatment

An excellent treatment for all types of hair. It cleans conditions, replenish proteins and adds shine to the hair. It also reduces the volume and frizz in the hair in a single treatment. Kera Express is a 5 in 1 product that last 3 to 4 weeks.

KeraSpa Care

The shampoo and conditioner are specially designed to maintain all smoothing treatments, straightener and colored hair. Ils laisseront vos cheveux parfaitement hydratés, soyeux et facile à coiffer. 2 styling products available : Active Shine serum and smoothing cream.


Instant Hair Therapy

Regain the youth of your hair! Do you color or bleach your hair regularly? Do you use hot tools daily?You have to use the Instant Hair Therapy products. We selected active ingredients that rejuvenate and restore your hair to a youthful appearance ; shea butter, hydrolyzed rice protein and plant extracts.


Instant Skin Therapy

Instant Skin Therapy is an instant lifting serum. He visibly reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet in few minutes and he reduces the appearance of bags and puffy eyes. The skin appears firmer and more youthful for 8 to 10 hours. Instant lifting without needles!