At Johnny B Hair Care, their mission is the authenticity of man hair. It has been producing high quality grooming products for man for 20 years. They seek their energy through their passion. Their success can be attributed to their highly skilled staff and to Johnny B educators. The barbers of this world will find all they need to make the most beautiful men’s cuts.


Johnny B. has several different kinds of pomades, each with your specific needs and  desires in mind.  In their quality range of pomades, you’ll find light to strong hold, matte to shiny finishes or one that provides volume to textured haircuts.




For a look that will last all day, Johnny B. has several different kinds of Gels which should meet all your specific needs.  Whatever style your looking for, you will find the gel that suits you best: from  flexible smooth styling,  to a light or strong hold; a matte or shiny finish; or to maintain a durable and lasting volume, you’re sure to enjoy the rest of your day in style.




Standard energizing shampoos and body washes specially designed for men who seek a masculine after-cleansing aroma.
Johnny B.’s shampoos and conditioners are made with every man in mind, whether you have an oily scalp or suffer from dryness, Johnny B. is there to provide you with healthy, thick shiny hair.


Johnny B. has everything you need to experience  the best shave ever or, if your choice is to have a superb looking beard, may be found in their rich, high performance shaving cream or in their after-shave balm which will make you feel cool and relaxed throughout the day.



All Johnny B.’s accessories are indispensable for the well groomed man with a handsome styled haircut and his clean, smooth shave or styled beard.  Each accessory has a specific purpose in mind: the Barber Comb, the Barber Pik, the Hair Cutting Comb, the Texturizing Comb, the Fade Comb, the Barber Brush and many other items.  Don’t under-estimate the necessity in having the best equipment for your deserving male clients.