Iso Hair Products is the prescription for beautiful hair. The only Rx you need to restore your hair to its natural, healthy condition. It’s what you’ve been waiting for – from a company recognized for its heritage of innovation and commitment to optimal hair health. Iso Hair Products takes hair care to a new level with a balanced, therapeutic range of products designed to cater to the needs of hair. Thanks to ISO’s Tri-Active Technology, this revolutionary line can help restore hair to its healthiest state.

Color preserve

Designed for all types of colored hair, Color Preserve takes care of preserving color and especially protecting it with Iso’s Solar-Seal 3 technology. The combination of shampoo and conditioner will give you shiny and hydrated hair. It provides moisture and rich vitamin nourishment to color-treated hair, helping maintain color while preventing fading.



Designed for all types of normal hair.  Daily, can be used daily, for normal to greasy, fine and fragile hair. You will have perfectly hydrated, detangled and shiny hair. In addition, gives style to your hairstyle with styling products.



It is designed for hair that has undergone a chemical texture as well as for hair that curls naturally. This gentle cleansing shampoo defines curls, defrizzes and creates body. This combination of products will rekindle your loops while creating a superior definition and separation of the top loops. In addition, its blend of protein, polymers and light humectants creates softness and shine and your hair will remain perfectly hydrated.


Hydra Cleanse Reviving Shampoo moisturizes and strengthens dry, dehydrated or chemically-treated hair. Revives tired hair and scalp.


This smoothing shampoo is formulated with guar gum and ISO’s patented ISOamine to soften the hair’s bonds for smoother combing, frizz control and long-lasting straightening. Designed for: Unruly, frizzy hair, Natural or textured curly hair.

Chemical texture

The damage is not an option with the permanent ISO Options. The ISO exclusive free thio isoamine technology ensures healthy results, withtout damage  and even allows you to texture and color hair on the same day.


i.Color takes the hassle and guesswork out of haircolor to ensure your color results are just what you envisioned… only better. This complete color palette of perfectly balanced permanent shades guarantees reliable, long-lasting, vibrant, healthy color results with 100% natural gray coverage.