There is nothing like the beauty of healthy hair! Over time, hair starts to lose its ‘joi
because what pleases us and what pleases our hair are sometimes two different things.That’s why each of “Joico’s” innovations are designed to restore optimal hair condition, even after one use. Their new signature “the joy of a healthy hair” is a message that communicates a positive emotion and an unmatched science. More than a promise, it is a guarantee. For them, beauty is not just a job, it’s their passion.


Think your hair is a lost cause? Meet damaged hair’s hero.  K-PAK’s multi-action formulas feature mega doses of our revolutionary Bio-Advanced Peptide TM and Quadramine® complexes—the most powerful reconstructive technologies known to hair—to repair and strengthen hair precisely where it needs it, when it needs it.

Defy Damage

Protégez tous les types de cheveux contre les effets ravageurs du stylisme thermique quotidien, de l’exposition UV et de la pollution environnementale qui contribuent à une chevelure sèche et terne grâce au système de soins capillaires Defy Damage de Joico.
Cette percée anti-dommages aide à protéger et renforcer les liaisons des cheveux, offrant une transformation saine que vous pouvez immédiatement voir et sentir.

K-PAK Color therapy

Having trouble keeping color vibrant and healthy looking? Put it on lockdown.  K-PAK Color Therapy deeply locks in vibrancy and moisture while locking out fading and damage thanks to our advanced Quadraßond Peptide Complex® of peptides, African Manketti Oil and Argan Oil, which repairs and seals hair’s outer protective layer.


Voici la toute nouvelle gamme volume JOIFULL! Elle comprend un shampooing, un revitalisant et un traitement stylisant sans rinçage. Ensemble ils procurent une chevelure à sensation incroyablement naturelle dotée de corps et de volume.

Daily care

Just a little off balance? Bring it back.  With just the right amount of conditioning and protection, our classic Daily Care formulas bring normal-to-dry and normal-to-oily hair back into a healthy, beautiful balance.

Color endure

Sulfate-free Color Endure keeps color true to hue with our triple-threat Multi-spectrum Defense Complex,TM a mega complex of fade-defying Green Tea, antioxidants and UV protectors that fight both the physical and environmental factors that can cause fading and tonal change.

Color balance

Joico’s Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex™, along with tone-correcting pigments make these shampoos and conditioners perfectly formulated to not only protect your hair color, but make sure it’s the beautiful color you want to keep – like you just stepped out of the salon! With technology that instantly neutralizes brassy, undesirable tones, Color Balance Blue keeps lightened or highlighted naturally dark brunettes from turning that dreaded shade of “orange” and Color Balance Purple keeps unwanted brassy and yellow tones from invading blonde and gray hair.

Color Butter

Une façon instantanée de combattre l’affadissement et d’ajouter des couleurs vives aux cheveux, ces beurres ultra nourrissants déposent des éclats de couleur audacieux sur les cheveux prééclaircis, réduisant les cassures et rafraîchissant la vitalité jusqu’à 10 shampooings.


That’s the jackpot you hit with Joico’s Co+Wash line, a revolutionary twist on traditional shampoo that carefully pre-serves hair’s natural oils to create healthy, shiny, frizz-free, luxurious locks. With Moisture Co + Wash you get seriously softer, shinier, stronger strands; Curl Co+Wash takes frizz and throws it to the curb; Color Co+Wash locks in beautiful new hues, and keeps them going strong until your next salon service. Do they lather? You bet they do: Our unique delivery system transforms these “cleansing conditioners” into the richest, creamiest foam ever.

Moisture recovery

Moisture Recovery’s water-loving formulas deeply quench dry, dehydrated hair with our bio-diverse Hydramine Sea Complex TM where botanicals and amino acids from the sea meet the richest, most nourishing botanical butters and oils found on land to transform even the most parched hair into a vision of softness and manageability.

Blonde Life Violet

Blonde Life VIOLET, conçu pour aider les blondes à garder la tête froide … à vie! Anti-cuivré, les produits neutralisent instantanément les tons jaunes non souhaités, aidant à rétablir la beauté et la brillance des cheveux blonds à tonalité froide.

Blonde life

Blonde Life, a luminous line of care and lightening products created specifically for hair that’s been bleached, double-processed, or lifted to new heights: gorgeous, shiny, healthy intentionally blonde. Our Brightening Shampoo, Conditioner, Masque, and Powder Lightener—created with cutting-edge Arginine and an exotic blend Monoi and Tamanu oils–banish the challenges of brassiness, off-tones, fading, and damage that blondes face on a daily basis.

Style et finition

Style and substance?  It’s the only way we know.  Our Style & Finish formulas feature the latest and greatest breakthroughs in hair care and styling technology to meet every styling challenge head on, while actually improving and maintaining the condition of your hair.

Ice Hair

The Ice hair collection by Joico has everything you need to create and maintain today’s flexible looks that reflect your ever changing self – sporty, wild, sexy, strong. ICE products have attitude that will match your strength and character

Vero K-PAK color

Repair and protect hair as you color with Vero K-PAK Permanent Crème Color, the only permanent hair color featuring award-winning K-PAK Reconstructor. This system, adored by beauty editors and celebrity colorists from coast to coast, delivers the one-two punch of stunning vibrancy, excellent condition, predictability, and long-lasting color results every single time. How’s that for fabulous?  Intermixable true tone shades provides amazing artistic freedom, allowing colorists to think outside the box by creating endless color possibilities within a streamlined inventory.

Vero K-PAK Age-defy

Bring back the glorious look and feel of youth with Vero K-PAK Age Defy, the first hair color proven to reverse the four key signs of maturing hair.  The Age Defy permanent crème palette offers the largest selection of gray coverage shades on the market, plus three anti-aging must-haves in each tube of color: Softer, more manageable texture; Renewed luster and vibrancy; Top-of-the-line conditioning.

Vero K-PAK Chrome

Experience the vibrancy and condition of Vero K-PAK’s permanent crème color in an ammonia-free, demi-permanent formula that lasts between four to eight weeks. Vero K-PAK Chrome provides high-gloss, natural-looking gray blending that fades gradually, making it the perfect choice for the “uninitiated” – especially, guys and graying clients. Intermixable shades offer colorists total artistic freedom, plus the ability to dream up endless color possibilities within a streamlined inventory.


COLOR SO BRILLIANT, IT INSTANTLY RESTRENGTHENS HAIR WITH UP TO TWICE THE SHINE.  New Joico LumiShine transforms hair from the inside out with breakthrough ArgiPlex Technology, delivering astonishing shine, color longevity, and overall healthier hair—guaranteed!  Hair with up to twice the shine, 100% replenished and restrengthened hair.  Nourishing protection that seals in moisture, softness and shine for up to 30 full shampoos.

Color intensity

Discover a whole new spectrum of brilliant color with Vero K-PAK Color Intensity—our intensely concentrated pigments designed to help you create over-the-top vibrancy that lasts through 15 shampoos.  Use them straight from the tube, or mix and mingle shades to your heart’s content—the creative possibilities are endless!