About us


We believe that inspiration and talent go hand in hand with the quality of the material you use. By offering professionals in the hairdressing industry, who are looking for new trends in a range of products, Capilex has become an accomplice to their creativity. Our mission is to meet the expectations and needs of our customers, in supplying them with products, education and customer service required in our industry. Our advice and presence will make you the best professionals in the beauty industry.


CAPILEX, founded 50 years ago, offers high-quality hair products for its demanding clientele and their hairdressing salons. In 1985, the company became CAPILEX BEAUTÉ and has been recognized since, as a leader in the distribution of hairdressing products and equipment, also offering training sessions in new trends and its products. Its founders, Alphonse D’Amours and his wife, joined forces with Jocelyn Ouellet, Jacques Giguère, while Gilles Bédard managed sales at the provincial level.

In 1996, Mr. D’Amours left the reins of his flourishing company to Mr. Ouellet, as president and director, and appointed Mr. Giguère, as vice-president. In 2003, CAPILEX BEAUTÉ merged its activities with DISTRIBUTIONS CHAREL and took the name CAPILEX-CHAREL. Eddy Guèvremont became President of the Montreal division, while Jocelyn Ouellet became CEO and Jacques Giguère, Vice-President. The company was renamed CAPILEX BEAUTÉ in 2006.

In 2014, Mr. Ouellet and Mr. Giguère retired, giving way to the next generation! In order to allow CAPILEX to maintain its remarkable ascent, they passed the torch on to two key employees, each with about twenty years of experience in the company. The successors and new shareholders, brought with them, their dynamism and experience, together with a great constructive energy to enable CAPILEX to reach new heights.

As of today, our representatives serve more than 8000 clients throughout Quebec as well as the east coast of New Brunswick.